Recipe for a cold winter night

It was the longest night….Alright Morgan Freeman. We got their attention. Apparently it snowed in Natchez and it’s cold as snowballs in territories farther north. So I thought I’d share my favorite cold weather soup recipe: Prison Food

Prison food is actually a potato soup recipe that was handed down by my dad’s best friend. Growing up he might swing by on a cold winter night and treat us to a batch. Being the dramatic, snot nosed kid that I was I declared the soup “prison food” and would throw a hissy fit about having to eat it. But as an adult I realized the value and deliciousness of prison food, and was lucky enough to get “Uncle Rob” to share it. All you need to make it are a few simple ingredients you might already have in your cupboard:

It’s cheap, delicious and pairs well with a good movie. And wine. I recommend this one:

So get busy living or get busy dying. And get busy cooking so you can enjoy a comforting bowl of this potato soup.

Prison Food Ingredients:

  • Bag of Taters
  • 3 Onions
  • Evaporated Milk
  • Butter
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Carrots for color, if desired

Peel and cube taters. Chop onion. Season with salt and pepper. Put taters and onion in a pot and fill with water to cover. Boil till done. Add 2 cans of evaporated milk and a stick of butter. Simmer a bit but watch to make sure taters don’t stick to the pan bottom. Mash a few taters but leave some chunks for texture. You really can’t screw this up.

Serve up in bowls and watch your kids refuse to eat it.



Here’s a picture of me putting on my princess pout at the pond for making it all the way to the end:

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